Reliable security for your family

Security systems built to last and that everyone in the family can use with ease.

Technology tailored to your needs

Security, entertainment and automation systems designed to meet the needs of Lehigh Valley families, with reliable operation and 100% dependable service and installation.


Whether relaxing at home or vacationing halfway around the world, Lehigh Valley families can rely on Secure Technologies security systems.

Nights at home become more fun than nights out

Many companies can deliver state-of-the-art audio and video, but it takes the expertise of Secure Technologies to make it simple and reliable.

A home so smart it anticipates your needs

Secure Technologies can automate practically everything in your home, from security to entertainment systems to heating and cooling to lights to door locks.

Built to be practically bulletproof

Our 18 years’ experience installing home technology in Lehigh Valley PA properties have taught us how to build systems that work reliably every time, year after year.

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